File Folder Organizer

Jinbo file folder organizers helps store and organized all paper documents, files and important data. It is made up made of strong plastic materials which made it durable and extra firm. With these sturdy materials, structure can resist from water, stains and any other elements. Accordingly, it makes it usable over and over again. These folder organizers serve as a handy holding place to store every important file.

Pocket Paper File Folder Organizer

It’s suitable for letter size documents. Elastic and button closure to keep your documents secure. Expandable size can hold a lot of documents.

Colorful File Folder Organizer

Expanding file and file box combine together. Expanding file can hold a large amount of documents. Inside big box can hold notebooks and small box can hold pens or pencils.

Colorful Pocket File Folder Organizer

It’s suitable for A4 size documents. Elastic closure to keep your documents secure. Different colors pocket and fashion design makes it looks very beautiful.

Colorful Paper File Folder Organizer

This file box is suitable for A4 documents. Elastic closure to keep your documents secure. Plastic handle is easy for carrying.

Small Size File Folder Organizer

Book holders for shelves offered in various designs to suit any taste, for home magazine storage, classrooms or office file holders. Seamless spine, convenient front and back finger grips USE FOR YEARS! Sturdy corrugated cardboard, won’t easily tear or tip.

A4 Size Paper File Folder Organizer

Sturdy cardboard magazine holder is not easy to tear or tip. Use to store magazine, folders, papers or anything else. Adorable way to decorate and organize your desk.

6 Pocket Expanding File Folder Organizer

This flower design file folder organizer is manufactured by high quality cardboard, if you like this design, the MOQ is 3000 pcs. Jinbo can support your business with over 1000 file folder designs.

Jinbo: Your Leading File Folder Organizer Manufacturer in China

This environmental friendly file organizer can hold up a maximum capacity of sheets. Therefore, users may find this convenient and accessible. These can serve as the safest way to store paperwork, keep important documents, and often used files organized. It prevents the papers against all sorts out of mess and keep track where everything is neatly filing your documents in file and holder. These folder organizers are must-have items for organizing schoolwork, sensitive documents, and office projects.

Our file folder organizers are available on numerous options. It comes in a variety of attractive colours, trendy designs, and various dimensions. Plus, it comes with accessories for extra durability and more toughness. All main structure can be custom made to meet your exact specifications. Our well-trained and knowledgeable engineers are in-charge of developing unique sets of folder organizers products. They can also perform various printing solutions for your logo, brand name, and even promotional messages. Jinbo can produce authentic and innovative solution for your name.

Jinbo file folder can be attainable at the very affordable wholesale prices. You can get the amounts of folder organizer products you need for your brand, retail business, etc. With the 10+ years expertise in the industry, we are able to offer optimum solution to every client we deal. In our facility, we implement strict quality control. We make sure each item meet the needed certification and passed standards. Even during the manufacturing process, our quality controllers rigorously checked and inspect production. With no doubt, you can assure highest quality file folder organizers.

Our file folder organizer is developed using state of the art equipments and finest materials. With that, you can guarantee quality products for your brand and business. Then you can showcase your name and stand out in the marketplace thus your revenue will boost effectively. With Jinbo, we can ensure you quality service to support your needs. We can expect delivery on the date you look forward to.

In Jinbo, we are focus to give you optimum solution which you valued most. With our kind of service, you can surely save time and reduce cost of finding reliable supplier. We, in Jinbo manufacture all kinds of offices, school and even home organizers in highest quality form. Look no further for expert file folder organizer manufacturer, Jinbo serve ideal services for you.

Are you working for another file folder organizer projects? Do you need support, information or a quote? Please feel free to reach us. We hope to hear from you sooner and discuss further.