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We are one of the most reputable and professional file folder manufacturers in Ningbo, who has been engaged in this line of business since 2006. We have three automatic gluing machines, thus, we have basically achieved automation in folder production, with daily output more than 30000pcs. In 2015, we established a new production line for expanding files, and we became one of the only 3 factories in China that can produce this item. At present, our products are mainly exported to Europe and the United States. With our rapid development, we not only ensure to provide professional service and high quality products but also try our best to provide customers with the most competitive prices to achieve mutual benefit with customers.


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    This is actually more than wonderful! The price, the communication, the service, the quality, everything is fantastic! I would definitely grow business with Jinbo. Really appreciate all your effort 🙂 .
    Janifer Mathas
    Bright Feature School, USA
    Best Vendor Evero
    I would like to say this is the most responsible factory I have ever worked with. They considered all the potential risks along with solutions for me. And more important, they did that for me the whole 8 years during our business, other than expected. And I believe they will keep doing so. Great job friend!
    Super market from Europe


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